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Vedanta literally means culmination of knowledge. Veda means knowledge, anta means end. You are aware of the body, mind and intellect, but not your real Self. Vedanta helps you discover the true nature of your inherent Being. Life is anubhava dhara, a stream of experiences.

As long as experiences flow, there is life. When the flow ceases, so does life. An experience is, therefore, a unit of life, constituted of two factors: subject and object.

The individual, you, is the subject, and the world, the object. When you contact the world, subject meets object, you gain an experience. And the flow of experiences is life.

Vedanta equips you with the knowledge to make the right choice of action. It also provides you with the technique of action that you can apply in your home, business, society, everywhere.

It is a practical guide to satisfy your material and spiritual needs towards attaining peace of mind. Vedanta trains you to think independently and helps you to probe the essence of life, directing you to study, reflect and realise the fundamental truth of life.

Eventually, spiritual education ceased to be liberal. People were led by the opinion of others. Fanatic superstitions and parasitic ideas infested humanity.

The root cause of suffering is that no human being looks within. He functions predominantly on blind faith and mechanical ritual. This is spiritual suicide. Castes, creeds and sects are the ghosts haunting the world. The role of Vedanta is to free man from his infatuations and educate him on eternities.

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